ADVICE ON A FULL RANGE OF ONLINE FRAUDDue to the increased number of cybercrimes and online fraud, Limburg Law Office has decided to specialize in the fight against these fraudsters; we have set a goal to protect and represent victims worldwide.

Cybercrime is a crime for which a person can be sent to prison for a long duration. However, a law office specializing in this type of felony has several ways to protect its clients, their interests and finally claim and recover their lost investments.

Cybercriminals are usually not prosecuted for several reasons;

For most of the victims, there is a sense of embarrassment and humiliation for falling into the trap and sending money to such entities, most often, those people will try to leave the unpleasant experience in the past and file it as a loss, needless to say, this is precisely the scammers desire.

Any online fraud victim will feel embarrassed since the act was not done with their full knowledge. Throughout the years of experience we have accumulated, we have seen that this type of fraud can happen to anyone. In all cases, warning signs have been scattered along the way, especially when it comes to global crimes and international organizations, large corporations. Sometimes even law firms themselves have fallen victim to sophisticated, Well-organized fraudulent infrastructure that is almost undetectable, moreover, in many cases, no complaint is made, and there is no prosecution against the fraudsters, usually, because the victims assume that they cannot save the lost money or prosecute the perpetrators.

Nowadays, online fraud can be found worldwide when the difficulty in recovering the losses. We are proud to say we have done it in the past, and the best way is to fight them in countries where they are. Unfortunately, authorities worldwide do not act against this type of crime.

LIMBURG LAW OFFICE IS DRIVEN BY THE SHARED VISION OF SUCCESS, NOT FEES.Limburg Law Office strives for excellence in practice by providing legal representation from an ethically skilled team and consistently committed to our clients.
With our rich experience and knowledge, we can address all of our client's needs, whether private or corporate, both at the local and international levels in any fraud aspects.

We are committed to the purpose and doing everything we can by using every resource available to represent all our clients in the best way. Transparency is one of the values we hold to the highest degree. In addition, we recognize that our firm is expected to operate on the highest level of integrity and professional ethics.

Our firm believes in building and maintaining long-term customer relationships through quality service expressed in listening and responding to all clients' problems. We rely on our extensive practice capabilities, undisputed knowledge, and diverse expertise to provide thoughtful advice and results-driven solutions.

We are constantly expanding and improving our skills by obtaining knowledge.
Our vision requires us to stand firm in the tasks we set for ourselves, unrivaled service, and addressing complex cases. We do everything to provide excellent value to our customers and achieve results in the shortest possible timeframe.

ADVICE ON FULL RANGE OF ONLINE FRAUD MATTERSLimburg Law Office is dedicated to defending and representing traders who invested in unregulated trading platforms such as FOREX, CFD’s, ICO, binary options, and cryptocurrency. We have successfully represented clients from all around the globe with a clear desire to set the record straight and recover their losses with numerous investment intermediaries operating worldwide.
The majority of our cases are related to illegal manipulative trading techniques used by those so-called “trading” platforms:
• Pushing Trader’s to Excessive Trading
• Providing Misleading or Incomplete Information.
• Unauthorized Third-Party Trading
• Signs of Broker Negligence
• Outright Theft or Forgery
• Clone websites.
When retail forex brokers cause significant financial damages, we assist our clients in recovering their losses. Thanks to our vast experience, Limburg Law Office offers its clients support, efficient representation, and continuous legal assistance. To defend our clients and uncover fraudulent schemes, we use our expertise in European law and our international network specialized in capital markets.
• Legal analysis of the dispute
• Broker misconduct exposure
• Definition of defense strategy
• Notification to the market regulatory authorities
• Representation until the dispute is resolved
Over the last five years, we conducted a private investigation against various ownership groups that control most online trading fraud scams. We have built the most extensive digital database during this period containing all the required information to make a strong case.

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